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Our ancestors blessed us with the knowledge of Yoga, and today, we all are aware of its powers and benefits. Yoga is like a medicine that can treat every disease, be it chronic or short-term diseases. It helps you control your mind and body to use your mental and physical strength to the fullest. This makes you different and better than others. You get peace of mind and reach a state of calmness. Anger, jealousy, ego, and other harmful elements of human nature are reduced largely while practising Yoga.

Viswa Poornima Yoga Centre believes the same as well. Vishwa Poornima Yoga centre is one of the best yoga Centres in Bangalore, where you can learn various amazing yoga techniques and lead your life healthy. We are running our organization for 30 years successfully. We have three branches in Bangalore. All the branches are well-equipped with professional and highly qualified yoga trainers; this is why we stand unique and are one of the leading yoga centres in Bangalore. Now we have decided to meet the global audience by spreading our wings through an online presence.

Our yoga instructors suggest the best proper yogic instructions and offer appropriate knowledge about all the workouts performed during the session, including its benefits. So far, we have conducted 50 workshops are various yoga programs, and we are proud that we have trained yoga to more than 50,000 students. We believe that both mental and physical health is equally important to lead a happy and complete life. Today various foreign countries are researching Yoga and its benefits. The great thing is that most foreign countries agreed on the benefits and importance of Yoga and suggested it to its people. It is a proud moment for Indians as Yoga is native to India. Therefore, it is our immense pleasure and responsibility to realize its importance and include Yoga in our regular lifestyle. We, Vishwa Poornima Yoga, aim to take Yoga as an amazing and unbelievable gift from our yogis and ancestors to every human being. We believe that through Yoga, we can change the lives of humans in a good way.


Founder of Vishwapoornima Yoga Centre

Mr Yoga Venkatesh MSc Yoga, MBA, PhD (Yoga) is the founder of Vishwa Poornima Yoga Centre and running the organization successfully for 30 years. Venkatesh. T is practising Yoga for 35 years and has made great achievements in the yoga field. The traditional and systematic approach to Yoga has begun under the guidance of Shri. Pattabhi Ram is a direct disciple of Swami Rama- Rishikesh. Yoga Venkatesh has learned amazing yoga methods under the guidance of Gurus and various popular organizations, including Patanjali Yoga Sikshnasamithi Karnataka, BKS Iyengar Methodology, VedadriMaharshi’s BramaGnanam Course, etc. His academic qualifications in Yoga include S-Vyasa Yoga Instructor’s Course (YIC), Indian School of Yoga Yoga Instructor’s Course (YIC), Diploma in Yoga Therapy (DYT), Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga, and Master of Science MSc. He completed PhD in Yoga. Yoga Venkatesh is also skillful in alternative medicines and treatment methods like Reiki, Pranic Healing, Bach Flower Remedies, Acupressure, Ancient Herbals of India and Siddha Techniques. He has learned alternative healing techniques under the able guidance of Sri. Krishna Bhatt, a great guru in Yoga and Alternative Medicines.

Yoga Venkatesh has 30 years of experience in Yoga Therapy & Naturopathy, Healing, and teaching Yoga. He has also created more than 100 Yoga trainers and therapists. He has conducted Yoga classes and free Yoga camps all over Karnataka. Several thousand participants have practised and learnt Yoga under his guidance.

His unique method of combining Yoga Therapy, Naturopathy, and Alternative Healing Techniques to suit the patients’ requirements has helped many people to get cured and healed from ailments and diseases. Several students have won medals in State, National, and International level Yoga championships under the guidance of his Yoga Centre. Many organizations have recognized his services and have honoured him with several awards, including YOGACHARYA BY Shivajyothi Yoga Center, Bangalore.

Why choose us

Vishwa Poornima Yoga is one of the best yoga centres in Bangalore, and we provide the best quality regular and online yoga classes for our students. In this digital era, it is quite simple to get everything that we desire but health! We believe that health goals are perfectly achieved through the regular practice of yoga. Apart from health, mental well also plays an equal role in our lives. Vishwa Poornima Yoga offers online yoga classes and regular yoga classes where everybody can benefit from them. We offer the best online yoga classes that interested people can join from any part of the world. All our yoga trainers offer 100% good yoga training to the students to easily reach their health goals. We make sure that both your physical and mental well-being is perfectly balanced through our yoga classes. Vishwa Poornima Yoga is the best yoga centre in Bangalore as we understand the requirement of every individual perfectly. Understanding every individual is the great and challenging task that we complete without any flaws, and this is why we stand unique and one of the best yoga centres in Bangalore.

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