Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy in one of the best yoga centres in Bangalore Vishwa Poornima Yoga Centre. Vishwa Poornima Yoga is the top yoga centre in Bangalore. We use the best and effective yogic exercises, postures or asanas, and relaxation techniques to improve the health and wellness of individuals. We Vishwa Poornima Yoga, one of the popular yoga centres in Bangalore, apply the best yogic principles according to the need of particular individuals to attain their spiritual, physiological, and psychological goals. All the yoga therapy techniques we employ here combine ashtanga yoga techniques, including Yama, niyama, pranayama, pratyahara, dhyana, asana, Dharana, and samadhi. We Vishwa Poornima Yoga offer yoga therapy that includes meditation techniques, theoretical study, psychological counseling, imagery, chanting mantras, and prayers that helps the individual to meet their life purpose. Through the yoga therapy offered by Vishwa Poornima Yoga, one can respect the differences in culture, philosophy, age, culture, occupation, physical and mental health. We apply yoga therapy to individuals according to the place, period, strength, weakness, age, and activities. Join Vishwa Poornima Yoga Centre today to enjoy the amazing benefits of yoga therapy.

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